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Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

It seems many people out there, especially in this hard time (post recession) are still suffering. Well – let’s not call it suffering, but instead refer to it as “looking for ways to make more income”. Many have invested in the past, and have been hit by the economic recession and now are just too scared to get back in it. Some actually have. But in order to invest you need money! The most common misconception among stock traders is that you need a solid bank roll even to get started. However there has always been another way, to trade stock, without needing a huge amount of initial capital to get started…

How you may ask? Well as the title suggests, and your obviously still reading for that reason. Penny Stocks. I want you to do me a favour before you read on any further. And please! Actually do it.

1) Open up a new browser tab/ window (depending on what your running *cough* Chrome!)

2) Go to

3) Type in (copy and paste if your lazy) ” Penny Stocks”

HOLY! Look at all of those results. What a mess to sift through and find something that might actually work. Well good news is folks, that I have done that for you. I can imagine how you may feel or what reasons you may be doing this for. You may be in my boat; out of work (temporarily) very little side cash, looking to see how you can turn your $1 into $2, $2 into $4 and at times like that, decisions can be made out of desperation. Trust me that $1 is so much easier to lose than it was to earn.



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Now there is a way you actually can. Now this method is not 100%. But its damn near close!

James Connelly ” Now I don’t know the fellow but whatever he does… it works! Approx twice ” to ” three times a week the members will get a pick. Via e-mail, and he explains the in’s and outs of his pick. James doesn’t just stop there. He goes to tell you what makes this pick so good, what this company has done to warrant our watchful eyes AND MONEY! The price they currently trade at, the low, mid and high price you should sell at. All these intricate details that James has created make’s this site just that much better than anyone else’s out there.

Now you’re saying to yourself, this writer is a total idiot. James has just paid this guy to write this article, he hasn’t even answered the title yet. “Does penny stock prophet actually work?”

The answer is YES… 99% of the time.

I’ve been following James’ picks for some time now. (5.5 months to be precise). The first few, I sat back and watched to see if this really does work. To see how the picks played out. And 4 out of 4 all did exactly what he said they would. Quick picks to make a quick buck. Since then I’ve been following his picks and actively investing. Most have all prevailed and yielded generous results. 20%-50% within days sometimes quick trades being hours. Not bad if you ask me. Some have yielded losses. But with stocks things don’t always go as planned. I highly recommend that money made should be 50% pocketed and 50% invested. That’s my rule of thumb, but it works for me.

End of the day. What do you have to lose. James is kind enough to first offer you 2 of his picks for free. He does release these “free” picks slightly later than he does to his members. But I suggest you sit back and just watch these two. Then should you feel comfortable enough, take the dive into the deep end. Invest the $97 dollars. James on top of his already free picks is going to give you an 8week 100% money back guarantee. Now, I’ve sifted through a lot of these sites and NO-ONE does that! That should speak volumes as to the confidence that James has in his methods.

Penny Stock Prophet… Not going to make you a millionaire. But will make you some extra cash on the side to take to the casino to make you a millionaire! Good Luck to all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

Let me give you a push in the right direction. You may not part with your money. But you’ll at least seen what its all about. You can check out Penny Stock Prophet Right Here!

Once again, happy trading and good luck!

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